FAQ - Corey Chiropractic

Corey Chiropractic Marietta Ga


Q: Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We are In-Network with BCBS, UHC, Aetna & Cigna. We will gladly check your insurance coverage on your first visit.

No Insurance? No problem. We will work with you to create an affordable health plan.

We also participate with Care Credit.

Q: Do you see children?

Yes! Its better to grow healthy kids than to fix injured adults!

We love our families that get adjusted together and kids love coming to our family room to get adjusted and play while the rest of the family is being checked.

Q: Why do kids need to see a chiropractor?

There are actually a variety of reasons for a child to see a chiropractor. In fact, the #1 reason children see a chiropractor is for wellness. Many parents nowadays are choosing to be proactive with their children’s health, rather than reactive.

This fits perfectly with chiropractic, which is wellness-based and thus proactive and preventative. Many of our parents bring their newborn infants to our office on the way home from the hospital, before even going to the pediatrician.

Other common reasons for children to see a chiropractor include difficulty nursing, colic, and ear/sinus infections, which are all conditions often caused by problems with the upper neck that likely were caused by birth trauma such as C-section or forceps delivery. Parents also bring their kids to a chiropractor for care of colds and flu-like issues.

Q: Is it safe to receive chiropractic care during pregnancy?

For sure! Chiropractic not only helps mom feel better throughout pregnancy but also helps with pelvic alignment and remove in-utero constraint for a smooth labor.

Q: What techniques do the Doctors practice?

We use various techniques to deliver the most effective adjustment with the design and sensitivity of your body in mind.

We primarily utilize:

  • Diversified:

    The most widely used technique that involves a quick painless thrust of the hands that results in a popping sound.

  • Drop:

    Similar to diversified but uses a special table with a piece that drops a fraction of an inch while thrusting.

  • Activator:

    This technique uses a hand held instrument that delivers a lighter but quicker impulse. Popular with patients who do not tolerate the popping.

  • Extremities:

    An adjustment administered to a joint other than the spine. Our Doctors most often use an Activator to adjust ribs, TMJ, shoulder, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet.

  • FAKTR:

    A soft-tissue technique similar to ART and Graston. This utilizes a hand held instrument to help release the adhesion between the muscle and the fascia.

  • Cranials:

    Adjustments to the bones of the skull to release tension in the spinal column. NeuroCranial Integration certified.

  • Webster:

    A technique for pregnant women to help relax ligaments surrounding the uterus to assist with proper fetal positioning.

Q: Are you open on the weekend?

We are not. Our weekends are spent enjoying our own families and friends and attending to our own self care! We ARE open late several week nights to accommodate for working commuters and busy families.