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Family Wellness Care

Whether you are a newborn or a grandparent, we’ve got your back!
We deliver an individualized plan to help you live the life you were meant to live.

Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments Marietta Ga


The birthing process can be distressing for the baby especially on the neck and shoulders.

It is important to have these areas checked to make sure they are functioning properly.

As your child grows and begins walking, falling, and playing it is essential to check their spine to prevent patterns that will adversely affect them in the future.

Sports Injuries Chiropractic Adjustments Marietta Ga

Sports Injuries

From weekend warriors to elite athletes, all bodies deserve elite care. We strive to discover the uniqueness of each athlete and his/her individual distinct movements and compensations.

Using the knowledge of Anatomy Trains Facial System, we can locate all the areas of the body that were involved in making the injury possible.

When these areas are corrected with Chiropractic adjustments, the entire body system works more efficiently, helps the body to heal injuries faster, and helps prevent further insult to the injury.